Monday, October 31, 2016

A week in

Yesterday marked a week of me being in the hospital for my bone marrow transplant...which is odd being as I got my new blood yesterday.

The big question I am getting is, how do I feel? I honestly fell ok. My head starts to hurt when I get too tired and I get pukey feeling, but as long as I am on top of it and let my nurses know, the medicine is keeping everything at bay.

My doctor said he is "extremely happy" with my counts and how everything is going! Today is Day 1, and my counts are still almost 6,000! I am praying they can hold on as long as possible because the further I can get to Day 14 (ish) with good counts, the less chance I will completely hit bottom.

I am bored out of my mind when I am awake, but I don't have energy to really do much. I just keep telling myself I have seen this road before and I know where it goes...up!

I miss Eric and Ian like crazy, but being able to FaceTime is helping me like nothing else. Ian isn't much of a phone talker, but with the video he is much better!

Thank you for all the prayers, thoughts and well wishes! I do feel them wash over me.

I will do some more videos this week too! Those are fun to let you into my world here.
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