Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The cost of cancer by Amino

With all the talk about needing to find a cure for breast cancer, the conversation rarely makes its way to a one huge factor other than saving lives. The cost of treatments.

Most people don’t think about this aspect of care until you are thrown face first into a disease that is at the moment incurable, but requires multiple forms of treatment. One thing that is not disgusted when talking about saving a life, is the cost.  

Have you ever thought about how much it could cost to keep yourself or a loved one healthy while living with a disease? I have. Living with Stage 4 breast cancer, I have seen some crazy high medical bills come into our mailbox. I am talking $10,000 for one treatment. What would I do if I didn’t have insurance?

I would surely want to shop around if I didn’t have insurance. Wouldn’t you?

I just learned of an awesome new site, that shows you the estimates for ~50 medical procedures and services nationwide across dermatology, diagnostics, men’s health, orthopedics, preventative care, surgeries, and women’s health -- including mammograms (diagnostic & screening). 
The tool lets you:
·  Compare cost differences in your region based on your insurance.
·  Calculate what you might pay from your own bank account with an out-of-pocket cost calculator.
·  View and compare cost estimates for individual doctors–and book an appointment with the doctor of your choice for free through Amino.

Here is graphic to further break it down.
Click the link below:

If you knew these numbers beforehand, would it help you make a choice on where you went to get treated? Now with the help of you can know the numbers beforehand and not have bill shock when you open the mail.
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