Thursday, August 25, 2016

Answered Prayers

Of course I have been praying that there would be an end to the cancer that has liked my body too much for too long but for so long nobody knew how to give me that end because stage 4 isn't in the curable catorgy.

I thought when I was diagnosed with pre leukemia I was for sure in the unluckiest health person catorgy ever.

Then I started praying harder than I had ever done before. But I didn't pray from a scared place of panic, I prayed from that thankful quite place that has pulled me out of so many other dark fearful places before...when I was sure I couldn't do another chemo, when I was going in for a 3rd brain surgery and didn't know if I had another healing in me, when I had to learn to drive again, I could keep going with all these past 8 years have brought/dumped on us but I think you get the picture?!?!  

From being thrown into this whole new world of leukemia...a bone marrow cancer. It is here I learned THIS might be the answer to my prayers. YES, I get how odd this sounds... I get another cancer and think that is my cure all?!?!

Well the only way to deal with leukimia is chemo or a bone marrow transplant. Don't get me wrong, many people with pre-leukinia never get to the point of needing a marrow transplant because they can get chemo. My problem though is, although the breast cancer has either been asleep or moved out, there is 100% way of knowing. SO, if while getting the chemo for the pre-leukimia, the breast cancer woke formed again, I could NOT get chemo for both. And well, no chemo means no good. Now, with a new immune system, IF the breast cancer showed back up, the new system would do what it is supposed to do...EAT THE CANCER!!

So yes, in a big round around way, the luekimia has been an answered prayer because without it a bone marrow transplant would have never entered the conversation.

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