Friday, October 23, 2015

Sun and Moon

I am not sure how many people know this about me but I got  a small tattoo when I was 16 years.

To be honest I am not sure how the tattoo process exactly happened? I just know I was with my friends and we went  to a guys house and got tattoos… looking back not the smartest thing I could have done!

Even though I had not thought about it long, I knew I wanted half moon and a star... which at the time had no meaning to me I just knew I wanted it?!?!

So there I was 16, I have a tattoo on my hip and life went on.

It's not like I tried to hide it from anybody. it was just in a place that I didn't show a lot of people so it was years before anybody really knew I had a tattoo... I mean I showed my friends, mom and sister, and they all asked me why I got that. And at the time, I didn't know why that image was what popped into my head.
I know I felt "cool" because I had a tattoo but I mean come on... I must not have felt THAT cool putting it on a place that was not visible to most.

Now when I think about the meaning behind my tattoo, I can now find one that fits for me. I now see the sun and moon there as a reminder that "it all" keeps matter what.

I think back to the months/years after my 3 brain surgeries and never could understand how others could NOT understand what I was going through. But now I look at that know these people had ZERO point of reference to understand and we all did the best we could. And I now understand that their lives kept moving...they had to. 

I feel like in the course of the past 3 years (really all of life) I have continued to rotate around both the moon and stars... I think we all do in our own ways...continuously. 

I have too many friends on the dark side of the moon right now, and I pray that they continue to just allow the time needed to get to the other side of the rotation.

But my little peice of matter what side of the moon you are on right now light or dark side, know in your heart that it will all keep going and you will get somewhere else. 
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