Thursday, October 22, 2015

Book Release Party

Before the party, Eric told me he wanted me to already think of the party as a success because it is happening. 
You see, we had tried other times to do this but my body said no.
Eric wanted to pound in the fact that no matter if we walked away with me selling no books and/or art work that I had to feel it as a success because it happened!!

And I did, I went in with that in my heart.

It looked beautiful! My friends, sister and mom decorated the room with my art work and BIG paper flowers I made. They set my signing table up in the front of the room. (At first, I thought no I don't want to be up front for all to look at, but that feeling settled down when my heart told me to take it in.)

Just thinking about it fills my heart with a warm feeling. Think when you hold your child and that feeling of deep Love that washes over your whole body...I felt it that day and still today when I look back at it in my heart.

It is nice to be able to say that I am proud of myself and how far I have come thus far!

***Yes, I have pictures but I need help from Eric to convert them?!?!? I will hopefully post tomorrow!***

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