Wednesday, April 8, 2015

10 years later

I seriously cannot believe I am saying happy 10 year anniversary to my wonderful husband.

10 years… So much as happened in 10 years.

I went back and look through pictures of our wedding (which honestly, I do often) because so many happy memories come flooding back when I look at those pictures.


The place we had our wedding was a quaint bed & breakfast.
I am pretty sure they never intended to have receptions like ours turned out to be?!

I was crazy about the cake I helped design. When I try to describe it to others before the wedding they would get this terrified look on their face like what are you talking about...this is a wedding not a razee fun party. But that is where I reminded them it was going to be a crazy fun party because we were celebrating this awesome day.

We danced 

And danced
And danced!

It might be because I am 100% biased, but it was the best wedding I had ever been to and I have yet to ever be at.

It was filled with love from all who were there.

And now 10 years later, I look at Eric and all of his strength, love and devotion to me and our family and I know I am one lucky lucky girl.

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