Friday, March 6, 2015

It all ties together - Negative self talk

Several friends emailed me to let me know my picture was used in a Huffington Post article:

Avoiding Negative Self-Talk: Why the Phrase 'F*ck Cancer' Is No Longer in My Vocabulary

After beaming about my picture being able to touch others, I sat down and read the sounds like somethings I wrote: Dear You, but in a completely different way.

Like Joanna Montgomery, I too have been on the battle field multiple times, and like Joanna, I finally made peace with my self and my disease. 

I love her statement, "Why poke the bear?"

Why do we poke ourselves?  After all, we should be our biggest cheerleaders.

And her statement about cancer being a chronic illness with times of flair up, again I was just talking to a friend who has crohn's disease and we were saying how our diseases are more alike than not with. My friend and I now even text each other with self-loving thoughts throughout the week.

Self love is hard for me and takes constant reminders to myself of watch your tone, don't talk like that, use kind words - yes, I have to say these reminders to myself just like we say them to our children.

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