Monday, February 2, 2015

And done

I am exhausted.

I went through my book and changed all the adverbs (I THINK that is what they are called? did/does/is/was)

This had been on my heart for awhile that I might need to do this in order for it to make sense to all those reading it who have NO idea of my story before they pick up my book...hopefully thousands upon thousands of people!?!?

So I worked on it ALL weekend. 
I pretty much neglected all my other duties just so I would be able to say, I finished on February 1, 2015.

And finish I did!

But by doing this, I read my story with different eyes.  
I could finally detach myself from it and look at like a reader is going to read it. 

I laughed at many of the memories, I cried at even more and I am walking away from the read changed once be reminded of all the crazy things that have happened in the past 3 years, to see where I was to where I am now...yes, it renewed my DO IT attitude.  

I am ready...ready for whatever it next.  
And I am excited!

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