Saturday, January 24, 2015

No Active Cancer

No Active Cancer!!

From my body & bone scans in December and my brain MRI Monday, right now my Stage IV cancer is NOT ACTIVE!!

Why is she saying not active verses cancer free you might be wondering?

I believe cancer cells are in everybody’s body all the time.  Most bodies just know how to kill it off and it is never a problem.  Please note, this is in no way scientific but is Renee In Cancerland thought! BUT, they do call it no evidence of disease (NED)…just because there isn’t evidence doesn’t mean it isn’t there??

I know I sound boo hoo about saying it like that, but I am not…I do believe that.

Any who…back to life here?!

I have now been clean in my body for THREE YEARS!

THREE YEARS people!!

I have gone from it being pretty terrible in my lungs and nodes to three years no evidence!

I have gone from not being sure I would see Ian turn 5 to him being 7 ½ years old.

Sure I had a brain tumor from hell in that time span too – had to learn to walk with a numb leg and all but that was 18 months ago!

My head has been clear for 18 months!

I wish I had some secret to tell you how this happened.

I wish I had some magic pill.

I wish for you out there reading this, your story takes a crazy twist like this one did and you are the one writing this.
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