Monday, July 21, 2014

Two headed monster

I don’t know if I have come out and said it before, but I struggle with depression and anxiety.

Once we got home from out trip, the two headed monster came for me.

Some days I do good telling it where to stick it.

Other days, the monster scares me into submission.

It gets in my head and makes up this whole long movie about what a loser I am for not being able to do more…like my other cancer friends do.

Or if the monster is felling really dirty it will make me believe the cancer is back, slowly eating my brain again.

I know, it sounds like a page out of a horror book, but this is my truth.

Eric told me I need to write more because he can tell a difference in me when I write and just get it out. I figure yall are sick of hearing about this crap. Again, the monster talking.

But I do feel better getting it out of me.  Telling the world (or whoever reads this?) my truth.

I want to start telling my truth all the time.
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