Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Then what

I went to see the movie Boyhood this weekend with a dear friend I don’t get to see often because – wait for it – life gets in the ways.

This movie touched me way down deep. The deep that makes me get all gitty because I see that other people think the same as I do.

I have been holding out for the WOW moment in my life. 

Even with cancer, I have been holding out for something.

For the next something to be wowed at.

                At first, I was waiting for the cancer to be gone.

Then it was (the first time)

Then I was waiting be like I was before cancer.

Then I was.

Then I got cancer again.

Then I was waiting until it was gone.

Then it was.

Then it wasn’t.

In between all these huge moments that make up this life, I too easily forget that it is in between these huge moments that is really life.

Yes, I have more peaks and valleys then most people, but I am really trying harder to enjoy the whole ride – not just the breathing-taking drops. 

And being ok with the mundane coasting.
I am finding out, that is where you see all the pretty sensory. 
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