Saturday, January 4, 2014

Another Update on Renee- Clear PET!

Hi all- It's Eric writing for Renee again, wanting to update everyone on how she's doing.

She started off the new year with a PET scan on Thursday the 2nd, and a follow up with Dr H yesterday.

Even though we were really worried about her bones & lungs because of some pains & issues, the PET was clear!  That was the best possible outcome, and we had to hear it a few times to believe it, and are thanking God so much for what seems like a true miracle.

As expected, they weren't able to get a lot of information about her head from the PET, just from the way the PET actually works.  But that wasn't a big deal, and we'll just take the good results from the previous MRIs.

Her symptoms are unfortunately still there, and she's feeling very run down & still has some pain in her body & her head.  But, we're still very stoked to know the scans are looking good, and are looking forward to getting everything figured out and her feeling better.

Based on the scans, the working assumption is that her symptoms are caused by necrosis in her brain from her surgeries & radiation, as well as some symptoms from the side effects of her steroids.

So, she's getting off the steroids, which will hopefully help with the energy levels & some of the body pains.  Then she'll also be starting a new treatment of Avastin next Friday, which should help with the head pain & help her deal with the necrosis.  She'll also stay on her current chemo.

All in all, it's a great start to the new year, and we're looking forward to having her feel better.
We thank everyone for all the help, thoughts & prayers as we get things back on track.
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