Friday, December 6, 2013

Messy house + killer head aches = no good

Have I mentioned how ready I am to have my house put back together??

If not, this is my official announcement – this house is driving me crazy.

I need to hire someone to just get this crap done, but I want someone who will just do it  without  asking me to make decision– I know, NOT an easy to do.

Pretty much I want to move into a house that is completely organized. 

I feel like I am on the verge of donating everything and then see what we really need – not much is what I am seeing.

I had to get an MRI Tuesday because I am having horrible headaches that are making me feel sick to my stomach.

I found out yesterday there is something there, but they think it is just dead tissue.

All I know at this point is my brain dr is looking at it all and I will get any appointment with him hopefully Monday to figure out next steps.

Until then I started back on the roids yesterday – oh boy! To try to make the swelling go down and make these d*mn headaches go away.

I will let you know what happens next.
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