Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dr report

This isn't as much information as I had hoped and prayed for going into the meeting yesterday but, it is what it is
He bumped my steroids in hopes of getting the swelling down saying that it was concerning that I had been on steroids for a week and I still have these headaches
Still no one knows if it's necrosis or tumor as nobody will be able to tell without surgery
I do have a pet scan on the  also Monday
Until then I am just taking it easy and treating it like a massive migraine
I know I know there is more I wish I I heard, I wish I had a plan. 
More than anything I want my head not to hurt
The plan as I understand:
Up the steroids this week if that doesn't bring it down(swelling) trying Avastin (different chemo) which could possibly get rid of some of the necrotic issue if that doesn't work surgery and then go from there so there's a lot of ifs, ands or buts to rule out stuff 
Best case-dead swelling tissues (yes I will take it)
Worst case- uh whatever we have lots more to try
I am tired of being tired, of hurting and not knowing...but such is everything 

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