Sunday, August 25, 2013

First day of kindergarten

Oh my sweet little Ian.

I can’t really say little anymore because you are taller than any 6 year old I know, but you will always be my little man no matter how big or old you are.

You start kindergarten tomorrow and I must say I am more nervous than you are – or you are hiding it really well.

As far as I know, you don’t know anyone in your class because I decided to go against the grain and not put you in the bi-lingual class with all your friends.

You might not be thanking me for this for a few weeks, but I truly believe this is the best for you to just do it – jump in with both feet and not hold back.

I know you are great at making new friends. You went to karate camp all summer where you didn’t know one person at the beginning and ended up with lots friends at the end.

My sweet boy, I pray for you to be kind and compassionate to all – no matter what.  I know there will be some not so great times ahead and I pray that you listen to heart and let it guide you and not to per-pressure. 

Being liked by everyone, especially the ones who are mean to others is no way to want to go through life. 

I pray that your light shines through to all who cross your path.

I pray for you to have strength and courage in all you do.

Most of all I pray for love – for you, for your friends, teachers and all others who will get to be with you all day.

I pray yall are surrounded by and show love to all.

My sweet boy, I love you.
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