Friday, August 16, 2013


I feel like I am breaking

Breaking from lack of control

I am not one who really gives a shit if someone does something how I think it should be done, but our home life has been so crazy these past few weeks, I think it is all catching up to me.

We have moved to our new house, but both houses are a wreck. We are having a garage sale tomorrow and anything that doesn’t go, will go straight to Goodwill – I am DONE with all this extra shit.

We are waiting for our hew countertop, so the kitchen is a complete mess.

I have been eating like crap and feel it because I can’t cook.

My painting space is in boxes and I want to cry.

I did cry – many times that past few days – from lack of control, from feeling so tired ALL the time, from it all…I cried.
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