Friday, July 12, 2013

MRI and brain oncologist

MRI was clear…all looks greats!  I was even able to follow up with my radiation do on the phone being as it all looked so good…NOW that is what I like!

We went to see Dr. G yesterday, brain oncologist.

He sent in some of my original breast tumor and some of my brain tumor – let me just tell you science is CRAZY and anyone who thinks – oh, just eat better and it will cure your cancer – wrong.

Here is how I understood it – Eric might read it and leave a whole list of different things to add!

So, my original breast cancer started with mutation in 3 areas – call them A, B and C

My breast in the brain has 5 mutations – A, B, D, E and F

So somewhere along the way, my body go rid of C but the cancer adapted that and grew D, E and F

The good news is, there are drugs that cross the blood brain barrier that work on some of these…we can’t work on all at once. 

BUT we have choices.  As of now we have 2 choices – I am reading the possible side effects and go from there.

1 choice we will let in our bag of tricks if needed down the line – it is a skin cancer chemo.

All and all, we left Dr. G office feeling great. 

He did tell me I was a very “neat” case – I guess if you are into that stuff I do seem neat?!?!

Him and Eric had as great time at the white board drawing cell path ways – once we told him Eric was an EE, he was like, this is just like that – one circuit closes and another opens – still don’t know what that means!?!?

But I have my PET scan today and am really anxious for those results – I haven’t been on anything for 2 months and to say I am not at all nervous would be a total lie.
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