Sunday, June 9, 2013

Quick update:

Brain radiation is over and so far so good!

I pretty much laid around all day yesterday – let me tell you what I hard thing that is.  I have all this nervous energy and my mind won’t turn off, but my body just can’t get up and go…so, I watched trashy TV all day.

Eric and I did make it out to for a bit, but was a great thing to get off the couch and get some fresh air.
I feel like I sleep like a new born - a few hours here and there and if I get 4-5 in a stretch that is a GREAT thing!  I really don't know how people with insomnia deal with it long term??

I want to go to the grocery store and look for a new couch today – here is hoping!

The house is 95% demoed thanks to Eric and his HARD work.

I think the build back up will start next week as all the stuff we have ordered is starting to roll in!

I have NO appts this coming week…that is really REALLY weird for me.

I have a follow up with Shinebin (radiation) the following weeks where I hope he tells me to kick the steroids…oh, I hate the steroids.

Other than that, I settling in with the idea of a new maintenance chemo coming my way soon and remembering to be thankful for each and every day – even if I am tired!
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