Saturday, May 25, 2013

Check in

With me doing this blog a day, I seem to get a one track mind and stay on that - where I know some of you are more curious to see how your prayers have been heard!
Let me list the ways!

This past week has been really good.

Ian graduated "advanced pre-k" on Tuesday.
I am SO SO SO SO happy we made the decision to not put him in K until he will be 6 verses just turning 5.  He has changed so much this year and I can not wait to see what he has in him in all the years to come. 

I will get pictures up this weekend of it all!

I had an appt with my brain radiation dr yesterday.
All is well.
I get a mask sometime next week and we are going to do a higher but smaller area dose...we might get away with one but might do 2-3.
My radiation dr is getting with my brain surgeron to see if he wants to come be a part of this process too - I mean really?!?!?  REALLY???
I know I am more than TRYLY blessed with my doctors, but they are so above and beyond in everyway I could ever imaging - pretty much like God just put them here to help us out! :0

I go to an herb oncologist today - I went to him last time and just want to check by in and see what else I need to be doing.

Ian, mom and myself are going to look for flooring samples and paint today after my appt.

Eric and a few friends are demoing the house tomorrow.

Next week:
Dr. H - still not sure on my trial drug situation.  Eric and I have talked, and we are leaving it in God
s hands.  If I need a to be on a new, then so be it - I need it!

May 29 - get my radiation mask made - party time for me!! I get good drugs while they wire a mask to hold my face in place.  I am going to take videos this time to document it - the final time!

May 30 - MRI

June 3rd - Dr Groves - brain chemo dr - not sure what it happening

In between all this - we are packing up our house and getting ready to move!!
I will be posting tons of stuff to sale on craigslist and for fee - I will just post as I come up with stuff.

Please keep the prayers coming  - God's grace is amazing and I feel it in every way possible
Please keep Love on your heart always - for all.
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