Monday, May 27, 2013

A letter to my readers:

A letter to my readers:
This is kind of weird to write a letter to yall – not sure why.

I guess I don’t know if I want to write about me, advice, love or what.
Then I thought about and I heard – "use it" – "use it."

I think I know what He is telling me to do?!?!
I do better if I outline stuff – tell people my thoughts and plans and it helps me stick to them.

So my letter to y'all:
Dear yall:

I have a dream – a big dream.
I want to share God’s love and joy with everyone....EVERYONE!
Not just people like me, not just people different from me, not just people with different thoughts, the same thoughts, opinions - every one.

I want to start a weekly youtube channel of me telling yall how I live my life with God in the forefront daily

I plan to start this as a weekly activity then up it as I get better at it.

Write a book and speak on God and how letting go and Him in is how I made/make it through this thing called life and how EVERYONE can do the same.
I want to figure out a way to help raise funds for others to see Dr. Glen at
I am thinking of selling painting for this purpose and money raised with go to pay an office visit and supplement package with him.

Paint cancer love girls
My ALL time favorite thing to hear say is that when people ask him what his mommy does for work, he tells them I paint pictures to give away to people to help them.
I have never put it in these words for him - he just tells people this....I love it and I want him to love it and know it too

Paint canvases full of love for treatment rooms

And these are just things I can think of right now.

I might be asking for help along the way.
I might swerve off the road a few times, but hey - I have before and made it back on!
I might drive Eric crazy needing help but again, we have done that before too!
I might drive yall crazy being all over the place.

I do promise to be real and full of love...

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