Wednesday, April 24, 2013


As I have said in the past, I learning to embrace the fact I can’t (and honestly) don’t want to do it all.

I know there are people who can do what I am wanting to do with their eyes closed and me, well, let’s just say it would take me a LONG time if ever to figure it out.

I feel I have a calling from God – to help spread His love and show others His beauty – even in the midst of a storm.

And I seem to do that through art and writing.

Is there anyone out there who would be willing to help me with a few projects?

Make a video/slide show with pictures and me reading a poem?

And if it is the same person or someone different who can help me get it out there…I guess if you know how to “tag” things on youtube – I sure don’t.

Make my blog “findable” from a search place (like yahoo or google) – I want others who are diagnosed with any “terminal” disease – or heck, any disease to be able to find my blog and ultimately find hope in God.

Help me understand how to “tag” things within my blog to make the blog more user friendly (I use blogspot)

I know there are instructions out there how to do this, and I have tried to read them and follow – they just don’t jive with me…I can read them 20 times, do it step by step and it still doesn’t work…arg!!

SO, if there is anyone out there who is willing to help me with this, I would be forever grateful AND there is some artwork in it for you.

Please email me at and we can talk details.
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