Saturday, March 23, 2013

Test results

My adventures in Cancer Land continue. As someone suggested the first time I wrote about Cancer Land, she envisioned a board game like Candy Land – but in my case it is Cancer Land. Sometimes you move forward, sometimes you move back, sometimes you get stuck…

It has been an up and down week around here, and the rollercoaster will continue into next week…I really, REALLY just want a week that is flat – flat with no excitement, flat with no worry – flat….flat…flat FLAT. I would be extremely happy to even move just one place forward.

This week I moved 3 forward and 5 back…or so I feel like and now and stuck in goo and wait my turn.

MRI results – looks great!! The cavity is filling in and there is NO GROWTH (that is all I ever want to hear!)

PET scan – all looks great, BUT one area on my pancreas that is there now and hasn’t been before. But the deal is, there are only like 11 reported people that have had breast cancer move to the pancreas – so EXTREMELY RARE – but in my case, I seem to like the rare stuff.

The long and short of it is, I will get a CT with contrast then will know more.

I have it in my head whatever it is was showing up was from acupuncture on Thursday that got my chi moving and the pancreas is a big part of that process!

Regardless, I am asking for prayers – that the “interesting spot” is miraculously gone and there is nothing to ever look at.

I will keep y’all posted with more adventures of Renee in Cancer Land.
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