Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Costume walk

I have gone back and forth with this since they told me they were doing it…at first I said no – we are fine, they took the no graciously.  They asked again, I said no I couldn’t ask for help – they said they didn’t care – they were going to do it for us.

Some of my neighborhood girls have once again gathered the troops for our family.

Of course I went back and forth with myself if I should write about it or not, then I prayed about it and well, I am writing about it.  I realized that every person who has ask how they can help, meant it and they really do want to help and this is why the girls are doing this – because they want to help. People have told me time and time again, if something is going on to let them know – because they want to help.

I am learning to be humble and accept help, oh…and ask for it too! YES – it is a hard learning process when we have been taught for so long (most of our lives) that we should be able to it ourselves…whatever the it is.


The girls are putting together a “Costume Fun Walk” to benefit our family.

The details:

Get Dressed up in your favorite Halloween costume as we walk a lap around the park (about a ½ mile) to don our support. After the walk, there will be lots of fun to be had – games, food, bounce and more!

Prize for best costume

Fun for all: Face Painting, Games, Photos, Food and Drink

Suggested Pledge Amounts: $20/Adult; $10/child

Saturday, April 20th

10:00 am – noon

2100 Klattenhoff Dr., Klattenhoff Park

(now THAT is a link!)

I have a flyer they created also, BUT I can’t figure out how to put a pdf on here, so if you would like a copy to hand out let me know and I will email it to you.

From an email sent out to our neighborhood:

Currently we are looking for anyone who would be willing to donate
their time. Here is a list of what we hope someone can help us with:
Live music
Food truck/stands (ex: popcorn popper, snow cones, baked goods)
Balloon animal artists (sorry, I don't know the technical title :/ )

Currently we have a friend who is donating hot dogs, and selling them
to give the proceeds. But we will gladly take a percentage of cash
sales. Please know, we cannot pay you. But you are more than
welcomed to charge the attendees for your craft/food. We only ask
that you donate a portion of your proceeds to Mrs. Sendelbach and her

To tell the truth – I am more than excited about this for many reasons. I think it is beautiful to see so many come together to help us out and it warms my heart in a way I can’t explain. Thank you all for all you do.
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