Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A reason??

The pathology from the 2nd mass removal came back (I got it today) and it showed to be the same cancer the first one (the same as the original breast cancer).

I visited with Dr. H today and I left there feeling good.  She said I am an odd case…something she hasn’t seen before…but honestly I feel good about all this…at least she hasn’t seen this craziness before.

Odd I know, but I do feel like the brain stuff is gone.

I felt all along since the first surgery that it wasn’t done, but now I do – it is different.

I go see a brain cancer dr. tomorrow – not sure what to expect with him.  I have a PET scan on Friday, and then treatment as usual (hopefully) will start back up next week.

So here is where I am – I truly trust I am going to be ok. I feel at peace with what has happened – not saying I have liked it or want to do it again, but I do feel like I will be ok…I will be healthy again…I will be here to raise Ian, to love Eric, to see my family and friends grow old…I am at peace with it all and I do feel like God has brought me through this for a reason...I am not sure what the reason is yet but there is a reason.
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