Wednesday, May 16, 2012

All out of words

“Mommy, how many long is 3 hours?”
“180 minutes”

“How long is 5 hours?”

“300 minutes”

“How long is infinity?”


“If you love Jesus, will you still die?”

“My friend said you won’t die if you love Jesus?”
“they are wrong”
“Is God or infinity bigger?
“God is infinity”

“What is infinity plus one?”

“Is God everywhere?”

“Even standing on top of our heads?”
“Sure, I guess that counts as everywhere”

“When do we get to go up to Oma and grandpa’s again?
“At the end of June…about 6 weeks”

“how many days?

“well a week has 7 days, so 6 times 7 is 42…42 days”

“what is God doing right now?”

“loving us”

“baby, mommy is all out of words”

“well, you just said words, so you must not be all out”

He is 4.5 years old…what are our conversations going to be like when he is 7…full out math equations and philosophy discussions??
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