Sunday, February 26, 2012


 A little smooch to start the trip!
 Got Ian his first of many ice creams as soon as we got on the boat
 Happy little guy
 I know, I am emberassing him all over the place
 Putt-putt - we played it A LOT
 Showing off his swimming moves
 Nightly towel animals - Ian loved them
 The beach was hands down our favorite day
 Ian out in the ocean - by himself.  He did great.
 We talked a lot about buring him in the sand before we went and we just had to do it!

 Long day - he needed some snugs and I am always there to provide
 COTTON CANDY!! GROSS!! A vendor was walking around selling it, and well, I am a sucker.
 Cozemel, Mexico

 Ian wresteling the alligator that was eating my arm.

Ian chopping and kicking the waves.

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