Friday, January 20, 2012

Scan News…

Honestly, I was starting to freak out…I hadn’t heard anything from anyone yet. In the past, I had usually heard my scan results either the day of or the next day. My mind started playing mean tricks on me – I started thinking that they weren’t calling because they just wanted to tell me the news while I was there and that had to mean bad news – right? WRONG.
Scans shows nothing, nada, zilch! I am still NED!!!!

It turns out Dr. H’s nurse is out of town this week and she is the one who always emails and calls me – we are tight like that! But with her being out of town, things feel through the cracks, as Lisa told me, and she felt horrible that I hadn’t gotten my results – eh, whatever. No one needs to feel bad, I just needed to hear that my report was boring – I like boring.
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