Friday, October 28, 2011

I need to stop reading so many murder mystery books because all I can think to compare myself to right now is someone who was buried alive and is crawling out of the grave – believe me, not as grim as it seems.

These past two weeks have run me through a gamut of emotions, but I do feel like I am out of the hole I was buried in with maybe just a foot left in there.

Mentally, I am feeling better – especially taking my Lexapro at the same time EVERY day…yes, I must admit I wasn’t taking it daily – dumb I know. Again, it was one of those things I thought I could power through. I also made a therapy appt for November 8th, so I am hoping that will add to my arsenal of defenses against this.

I was told today that I have to get a blood transfusion tomorrow because my red counts are so low…not really how I want to spend 6 hours of my Saturday, but from what Eric and Gina have told me from what they have read, it should really help with my energy levels…here’s praying for that.

These last few weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions, but I do finally feel like I am back to a place of hope and desire to continue on with this cr*p. I have had some wonderful days with Ian, and those are the days I need to hold tight to when I am feeling down – unfortunately those aren’t the thoughts that come through when I am feeling down…the mind is a tricky thing and likes to play mean tricks.

Please continue to pray us…pray that the blood transfusion is easy and does give me the energy boost I so need, for Eric, and for Ian to continue to be a healthy and happy 4 year old.
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