Saturday, July 2, 2011

Chemo Chronicle 2.10

I really can’t believe I am starting my 4th cycle. On one hand it seems like these past 3 cycles have all gone so fast but on the other hand, I feel like we have been dealing with this forever – time is such a funny thing.
After dropping a very excited Ian off to a very excited Parker, we were off. Just knowing how much they love each other and what a great time Ian has over there makes it SO much easier to leave him for a few hours.

We had a great visit with Dr. H – and yes, that is what we do – we talk and laugh about stuff going on in our lives – we don’t just talk about cancer, treatment and “this.” We did figure out the name of the doctor I had seen at MD Anderson – which we were previously calling “the funny man” because none of us could remember his name and because he is pretty quirky. She needs to chat with him about my “maintenance plan.” Laurie and I decided that the word “maintenance” makes it sound like I am a car with a maintenance schedule to keep – hey, if I can be a fine tuned, well running machine I will take it!

We talked to Dr. H about my upcoming PET scan which she said was really looking forward to seeing the results – score one for Team S. I mean really, to hear her say that she is looking forward to the results as she expects to see negative – NEGATIVE CANCER really hit home with me – she believes as much as I do that this is gone! She didn’t yell that at us, but she could have and I wouldn’t have minded it at all! Also, she told us we can go ahead and plan a little vacation that following week – in my mind that means my current chemo schedule will not continue! So PET scan is on July 22nd and follow up with Dr H is on July 29th – I mean really, I cannot wait for that appointment!

Other than that, same ole same ole – I got zometa for my bones. I feel ok this morning – I am tired but nothing too new on that front! My mom is taking Ian to a small water park today so Eric can get some work done around here and I can rest. Rest is good for me at this point in time!
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