Friday, June 24, 2011


Yes I am ok – well, getting there
Yes I started back on my “happy pills”

Yes my body is one big unbalanced mess

Yes I am starting to work out again

Yes the help you send/give is MUCH appreciated

Yes I am so ready to get my PET scan

Yes I believe in my heart that all the cancer is gone

Yes I still leave it all in God’s hands

Yes my face is crazy dry

Yes I have neuropathy in my left thumb and index fingers

Yes my other nail beds fill like I smashed them in a door

Yes I still remember to laugh – really a lot of the time

Yes I love on Ian daily

Yes it warms my heart

Yes I thank God daily for Eric

Yes he is my strength

Yes I let Ian watch too much tv

Yes I am ok with it – for now

Yes I am creating again

Yes it helps me heal

Yes I will continue to talk about my grief

Yes I know it helps

Yes I promise to not pretend all is well when it is bad

Yes I know my normal has changed

Yes I am starting to accept it

Yes I promise – I will be okay

Yes I am sure
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