Monday, May 9, 2011

She taught me….

She taught me
that even when I thought

I had nothing left

to give

that I had to dig a tiny bit deeper


I would find

I had a lot left to give.

She taught me

that I made my bed

now I must lie in it


I sure as hell can get out of that bed

and re-make it.

She taught me

friends are meant to be cherished…

especially with a bottle or two of wine!

She taught me

to dream big

then go out there

and make that dream come true.

She taught me

how to step back

look at the facts

not to panic

and do what needs to be done

in any situation.

She taught me

life isn’t always sweet as pie

but it is always worth living



She taught me

how to be a mother myself.

I love you mom.

I know this is a day late but I feel this every day – not just on Mother’s day. And hey, I usually a day or so late with my cards so this is quit fitting!!
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