Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A healed heart

A heart can break

and a heart can heal –

will heal.


the healing process

puts the heart back together

The heart

can never be put back together

exactly the way it was


it broke

Some pieces

might be left out

Some pieces will be

arranged differently

Some new pieces will be added

A heart can break

A heart can heal –

No matter what

a healed heart

changes people

This is another one I wrote sometime last year – I am guessing. I know you might wonder how I have NO idea when I actually wrote these but I put them all on one page and saved it like that.

I do remember writing this one though. I had just been put on my anti-depressant after treatment and was starting to feel “normal” again but I noticed that me, my normal, my everything was different. Not a bad different – just different from before…but why wouldn’t I be different – I grew, I healed, I conquered. I can’t wait to see how this broken heart heals.
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