Sunday, January 9, 2011

Truth be told…

Well, hmmm this year started with a bang – not really the bang I wanted but a bang – luckily not my head on the floor!! After a frightening fall down the stairs last Monday morning while carrying Ian, my New Year did start with a bang! He was fine, my foot - well not so much! It is a "soft tissue sprain" - whatever that really means?!?! Now, I am stuck with this lovely boot on for the next 3 – 4 weeks...I guess it could be worse...I know it could be - I have had it worse!
Truth one: those stupid little calories that I can’t even see add up quickly and DO matter – a lot!! And wine has way too many calories but oh they might be the best 130 calories of my day! After a week of counting, I am down 4 pounds – whoop, whoop!!

Truth two: I am honestly VERY surprised I haven’t fallen down the stairs sooner than this. And according to my sister, she is surprised too!

Truth three: I haven’t started on any of my other New Year’s goals. I have all the stuff cut out of magazines, pictures printed and a design layout that I want to use on my vision board.

Truth four: I had a mammogram last Monday and all is well!! I am looking forward to the oncologist appt this month because this will mark two years! 2 out of 3 years is a big deal!!

Truth five: I have been putting more time and energy into my L&L blog than this one lately – sorry for that but I am enjoying making things so much!

Truth six: I missed Ian when he went back to MDO on Wednesday.

Truth seven: Eric and mine date night on Friday night was wonderful, much needed and much overdue.

Truth eight: I am about to start “soliciting” L&L Creative classes to businesses around town and I am scared out of my mind. Luckily my dear friend Kate is going be with me the first few calls I make – YIKES!
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