Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year

I love New Years – love it. Not so hip on New Year’s Eve anymore as I get “older” (ridiculous I know!) but that isn’t my point here.
Every New Year, I always half-heartedly make a list that consists of 2 things: get organized and lose 10 pounds. Well, I am already working on the 10 (cough 20) pounds and I have decided that my idea of being organized is not in my cards unless I am willing to work on said organization an hour or so a day and well, anyone who knows me know I am NOT willing to do that.

This year I am going to do a few things differently. After reading Amanda’s blog with her recap of the Happiness Project, I am going to add a little of this into my “new way” of doing New Year’s. Here is my plan:

- One goal a month (stolen from Happiness Project)

- Work on said goal daily (stolen from Happiness Project)

- Review goal daily (stolen from Happiness Project)

- Make Vision Board for year (working on now – will post pics when done!)

- Play “don’t break the chain” on wall calendar:

So really, what all these little steps are going to help me do is simple – do something – anything – I don’t care but I will work on my goals daily and remind myself of what I want to attain with them.

Now on to my goals…

My health and fitness. Lift weights 3 days a week, cardio 3 days a week and most importantly – COUNT CALORIES!

Pick up house 30 minutes a day – shocking I know that I don’t do this now, but alas it is true I don’t.

Sit down with Ian at least 2 times a day to practice “school work” – we do once a day now and I feel he is ready for a little more

Write in spiritual journal daily:

Teach 4-5 creative classes total a month (including day time and night (more day than night))

Date night with Eric monthly (First one already scheduled on 1/7!!)

Cook – I don’t care what I cook; I just want us to eat out less often.

Sending Love Cards – send out 3/week

Mail D*mn Birthday cards on time – how pathetic is it that I have the cards made but don’t get them out the door on time….VERY!!!

Now, I realize I can’t work on these all at once and I am not really sure how I am going to sort them out but these are what I would love to get in order not only this year but forever. Here is to a healthy and happy year to all.

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