Monday, November 1, 2010

Good-bye...with love

Dear Grandma and Grandpa-

I miss you so much and I will never forget the love you showered us with. I am happy yall are together again and can be healthy and whole in Heaven while watching over us once again.

You made such a huge impact in my life and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all yall did for us grandchildren, mom, Tammy and Van.

When I didn't know where to turn, I turned to you.
When I didn't know what to ask, I asked you.
When I didn't know where to go, I went to you.

You were full of love and generosity I couldn't help but learn from you.

I laugh out loud thinking of some of the things you both did - grandma, when you made mom and grandpa split the cost of my car wreck 4 ways so we each paid a 1/4 - no one ever thought of telling you no even though it was my fault and I should pay for it myself.
Grandpa, when you would make us drive the white bomb just to embarrass us or your corny jokes that no matter how many times you told them to us, we would laugh at them.
I still say some of them myself!

I love you both so much and I have a void in my heart with yall gone but I am happy that you are no longer here in pain and without one and other.

Oh, I love you and I miss you.
Until we meet again.

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