Monday, February 22, 2010

Girls can save the world

I noticed this saying on a shirt the other day while at one of our many play dates through the week, the little girl who wore it, was bright eyed and had a real spark for life – much like I like to think of myself as. It really made me think – girls, boys, women, men – us – we can save the world from all this drama that fills ours lives daily, hourly, every second.

How do we do it – I am not sure yet, but a quote from Mahatma Gandhi has been hovering in my mind lately, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” To me this means – if we want peace, love and joy for the world, we have to be peace, love and joy. We have to live peaceful, loving, joyful lives for life itself, for human kind, for everything living – for us, for our children, for our grandchildren and so on. That means, loving people who we don't really like or agree with, giving a helping hand anytime we can, even just smiling at a stranger - we never know what his/her day has been like.

Anyway, I am not really sure where to go with this, except that we all need to know that yes, we all can save the world and more than likely it will take helping one person at a time, but we have to start somewhere – right?
With that, I am putting together a card making night for a group called Cards 4 Cancer. Here is their blog:

I won’t be able to be a part of the delivery of the cards because Eric and I will be out of town celebrating our 5th anniversary; however, I want to pour love into hand-made cards for my team to be able to deliver. It is stuff like this that I believe if we all did little tid bits here and there, this world would change, the world would grow to love one another and hate would have no choice but to be taken over by love. Eh – and the shirt would be true: GIRLS CAN SAVE THE WORLD
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