Thursday, December 3, 2009


Is it seriously December already is all I can keep asking myself – where did the year go? It still really amazes me that it hasn’t even been a year since my last chemo treatment – that time of my life seems so long ago – good, let’s keep it that way!

I am so looking forward to this holiday season where I can take full advantage of the joys brought on by the holidays and not feel like crap doing it! I can’t wait to get the decorating done this weekend, put presents under the tree and plan ole enjoy my family and friends.

We started our season off with a bang with a trip up north to see Eric’s family and had a great time. Ian is a traveling champ (I guess getting him on a plane at 3 months was the way to do it?!?!) – after the 4 hour flight and then a 5 hour drive all I can say is – NO MORE DORA! But we all survived and had a great time doing it. Ian LOVED playing with Abby, Paul and Hanna. Every morning Ian woke up yelling AB-BY, AB-BY which was so funny hearing him say her name. We went on a Christmas tree hunt, a hike to some waterfalls, ate, ate some more and played.

Now back to reality here! So much to do and so little time – which, as always, I do to myself! Next week I will be a vendor at two downtown building and Shop, Sip & Share will happen!! I am SO excited about it. If you haven’t looked at that blog, do so – I forgot the excitement and drive I feel when doing something for a cause I believe in and want to make a difference with. Then after next Thursday night – wait for it, we are DONE with things to do. Well, until we get into the house and start the kitchen remodel but until then, we will bask in the “boredom,” have fun and enjoy every minute of this holiday season.
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