Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Has been happening with us these past few weeks. We went to Fort Worth for a Stampin Up party Rachele had – which was a huge success! The boys played, played and played some more. I love watching them all play together – it is so funny to see the difference in the them; although, I didn’t find it funny when Ian started calling my Nae Nae instead of mommy, but Landry and Tucker egging him on with it! We are back to mommy only, so no real harm done! :)

I have had a few card classes which are turning into my favorite form of business. I realized how much I love teaching others and showing them being creative is not hard and most of all, I love sharing all my “stuff” with them so it actually gets used.

I am working hard on “Shop, Sip & Share” which in my mind is already a big success. I am really hoping to raise $5,000 plus, but we will see. I will be hitting all you readers up to buy dinner or raffle tickets!

I learned a lot this past Saturday – that yes, I am too old to drink so much wine that I end up getting sick outside of the winery – in my fancy dress and heals no less. We took a girls trip to Wimberly for Amanda’s 30th birthday, which she was being a huge baby about :) but we partied like we were all 20 and felt horrible the next day and loved every minute of it!

I am still training for a marathon. Not doing so hot with it, I need to really focus on long runs and not book so much sh*t on Saturdays so I can actually get them done. My longest to date is 12 and I wonder how I am going to run another 14 on top of that – people tell me once you get to 16 or 18, you are fine – we will see!!

I am in the process of setting up a boot camp for the neighborhood mommies – that will be interesting! I found my old trainer who agreed to do it for a crazy cheap price and here we are, going for it!

Hum, what else – oh, we bought a new house and had food poisoning. Oh, you want to know about the house?!?! I am SO supper excited. We, well Eric, has always kept an eye open for larger houses in our area, he found one on-line while we were in Fort Worth, on our way home we decided to drive by it and guess what, they were having an open house! We walked in, loved it and the rest is history. My sister is stressed that we bought a new house without “pondering” it for months on end, but hey, that is how we do things around here! We have to re-do the kitchen and paint a few rooms, but other than that, it is move in ready. Down the road we will need to do a few more “pretty” items but no biggie. Yes, I am very excited but the thought of moving does not excite me at all!

Food poisoning sucked. We ate a rotisserie chicken that was only a few days old, which should not have given us food poisoning, but it did, we managed to make it through and are on the mend right now. Hey, we both lost some weight and Ian didn’t get it!

We leave town in less than a week for MI, which I still cannot believe Thanksgiving is next week. Seriously, where does time go? It is really starting to freak me out.
I am sure I will have some good stories from that trip as well but until then, have a wonderful Thanksgiving with you and yours.
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