Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Long awaited appointment

I FINALLY made it back to see Dr. H today, after 2 cancelations that were completely out of her hands, but none the less, made me a little crazy! I have been waiting to go to this appointment since August – when my long lost friend returned. I wanted/needed to know what was in store for me, for us and our future.

I cut right to the chase – she sat down, I said my friend was back and let’s talk baby number 2! She laughed that I didn’t waste any time – such is me! The low down on baby #2 – we have to wait until May, 2010 to start trying but before we can even try, I have to go see a specialist in Dallas who deals solely with breast cancer patients. There is no real data on the risks involved with becoming preggers after breast cancer – risks associated with possible reoccurrence of cancer, that is. So, this Dr. who only deals with breast cancer patients will have more of an “opinion” on the risks solely from what she has seen in her practice with trip negitives and pregnancy. I would be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t a little taken back from this – I guess that never crossed my mind. In my mind, I had cancer, I got over it, I started my period – so I must be fertile –so all should be good – right!?!? I still have the feeling in my heart all is still good and will all be okay!

I also took part in a study about triple negatives and if there is an underlying association with it and the BREC (the gene mutation) – eh, whatever, I am not real sure what all they were talking about but all I needed to do for it was give more blood.

Eric asked her about a few drugs he had read about, I scheduled MRIs and such for January and February and well, nothing much else happened. So, all in all – it was a good appointment but wasn’t exactly what I wanted to hear.
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