Sunday, September 20, 2009


I forgot what it really feels like to be hung-over -is that a good or bad thing? Not sure. I hosted book club last night and drank way too much wine and how way too much fun!

Running is going great. I did 6 miles on Saturday with my long-lost friend Staci - she really isn't lost, but it takes an act of congress to get us to get together and with her training for a marathon and me still on the fence if I am going to do a full or half, we decided we will do our long runs on Saturdays together - which is great to catch and chat while we are getting our workout done. That is how I feel in love with Eric - on our runs. I always feel so open and honest when I am running - I guess I can't be anything else because that would take energy and all my energy is going towards one foot infront of the other!
I STILL haven't lost any actual weight which is starting to piss me off, but I guess when I drink a bottle of wine - what can I expect?!?!

We had a super busy weekend - two birthday parties, book club, church, lunch with Laurie and Kim, Mark and Layla over for dinner.

BeBe, Aunt Tammy and Bug
Being silly with the party favor mustache

Hey, good looking

He was SO proud of himself when he found something in the hay.
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