Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sweat Therapy

I don’t think I realized how much sweat therapy affects me until I don’t have it in my life. I know I wrote some bullshit about taking it slower with yoga and pilates, and getting to know myself while doing them, but I don’t think me as a whole, is a slow and controlled person so why would I think slow and controlled exercises is my preferred poison – so to say?! Because it isn’t and you can’t teach an old dog new tricks – yes, I realize I am full of puns today for some odd reason.

After deciding to train for the ½ marathon in January, Amanda sent me a training schedule (she is my go-to running expert) and I freaked out. I thought, what in the hell have I gotten myself into? I didn’t know, and really still don’t know how hard it will be, but what I have figured out in the few weeks I have really been back at working out is: I can and am getting strong and fast (for me) again – I don’t really know when I started to try to run again, but we will say the 4th of July. Since then I have gone from running 10 minutes and then needing a walk break to this morning of running FOUR straight miles with no walking breaks. Yes, it was tough, but I told myself if I can sit with my hands AND feet in ice for 4 hours, I can sure the heck run 4 miles and more. I left the gym with such a renewed self-power and awe awareness I think only exercising can give me. I LOVE being sweaty, I love knowing I just accomplished something not a ton of people can actually do and most of all, I love knowing I just did it for me and my sanity.
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