Monday, July 13, 2009


Is really all I can say about these past few weeks. So much has happened and continues to happen Casa De S. Let's see, since I last update we have done a lot - we went to Michigan for a week to visit Eric's family at the lake house. Oh, that was great. It was so fun to see Ian, Paul and Abbigail play together, the weather was excellent - it never was warmer than 80 and the company was great. We are almost busting the seams at the house with everyone families expanding, but that makes it all the more fun! I will post pictures when I figure out where they are on this computer - I swear Eric has some cryptic way he organizes them. :)

Now, I must brag on my baby - who really isn't a baby any more and it breaks my heart but he is growing into such a wonder little boy. He has added about 10 - 12 new words to his vocab but he is really taking off with this motor skills. He climbed across that rope at Jungle Java (picture above) with no help, he learned to ride a scooter in MI (the kind that has 3 wheels verses 2) but he stumbled a few times, figured it out and was off. I am not 100% sure I think he knows that boat, bye-bye, ball and baby start with B - when I ask him what starts with B, he tells me those, so I am going to assume that isn't a lucky guess! All in all, he is doing great and I am not sure what I was ever worried about me not being able to teach him what he needs to know. He is learning so much more with me than he was at school and I am so greatful. NOW, don't get me wrong, he still enjoys MDO and so do I! We are still working on "sharing" and I have a feeling, we will always be working on that.

Now, I want to brag about me a little. I have managed to cook every single day since we got home last Tuesday and we even did this through the weekend. This is big for us - we always cave on the weekends, but this weekend, we did it and felt great about it. I am determined to cook at home because Eric and I decided we both need to lose a few lbs. Well, a few more than a few, but that is a start! I am on the path to getting organized - you noticed I said on the path not finished. I think organization is like sharing - we will both always need to work on it!
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