Friday, June 26, 2009


I have asked myself this week:

Does Ian really have that hard of a head?

Why in the world would I buy Ian a TWENTY pack of “washable” markers?

Why did I ever let Marci and Eric make me believe driving around with a full change of clothes in my trunk was a bad thing?

How many times can I watch Little People and the same youtube video of boats?

Really, how bad is it to bribe Ian with fruit chewies?

Can a white girl rock a fro?

Why does the weight floor at the gym intimidate the hell out of me??

Let me start from the beginning of this tale – well, not a tale, all this stuff is 100% true, most of it, I wish were not! Sunday, father’s day – great day we were having until Ian climbed on a wall about 18 inches high, I turn my back for a second – literally, one second and CRASH…I turn around and he is now on the cement ground head down and feet up in the air. I checked to make sure there was no blood, a friend got him an ice pack, he cried, I felt like crying, we cuddled, he downed a cup of Gatorade and then declared he was done with me and wanted back in the pool. He was fine, it didn’t really even bruise the next day but I still felt like an a-hole for not watching him the whole time – lesson learned.

Washable markers are a lie – flat out a lie. And to top this off, some of them are smelly and Ian watched me smell a few (brings back old memories I guess??) and now he tries to smell them all.

Yesterday, I wished I still drove around with half of my closet in my car – which I haven’t done since I moved in with Eric 5 years ago because he keeps my trunk clean. Ian and I went to an impromptu lunch and swim date at my friend’s house. Let me back up here a bit – Ian had his swim gear on because we were on our way home from a splash and play play date when Teri called to see if Ian and I wanted to come over for lunch and to swim. She needed to go to the store to grab a few items for lunch though, so I said we would being we were already in the car. SO, I was that mom with my kid with no shirt and no shoes in the store – nice. I briefly thought to myself, I wonder if I need a swimsuit – no, why would I, Ian never wants in the big pool. Guess who wanted in the big pool???? NOT ME! SO, I swam in my panties, bra and t-shirt because Teri is a stick and only has bikinis – no thanks.

I think the next question explains itself? Really, Ian – we need a little variety.

Fruit chewies – the box says 100% real fruit or something like that! I know it is bad but they are easy and sometimes, easy is nice.

My hair is turning into a fro – I almost had Eric cut it last night. I am so not used to styling curling hair but today it looks cute so I am glad I didn’t have him chop it off!

I SO want to lift weights and the thing is, I do know what I am doing – I need to start out in the women’s area, get comfortable and head out with the big boys – oh the drama of my life.

Let’s see, this week has really been good. I haven’t heard back from the dermatologist about the mole I had removed, so I am guessing everything is fine – they tend to call quickly if it is cancer.

I am now child free for a few hours and need to make Laurie’s baby-shower invites – wish me luck.
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