Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hitting my stride!

I am not sure how many of you have run before, but you know that moment when you hit your stride and it all just falls into place – that is how this week has been for me and me and Ian. Ian started Mother’s Day Out on M/W from 9:30 – 1:30, and he is loving it. I really think he missed his little friends from school and more so, I missed a little solo time! Let’s see what else did we do this week – we went to the movies and Ian made it about 40 minutes through. Next time we will sit in the back row so he can stand up in his seat and I won’t have a woman behind me hiss that her daughter can’t see – I am come on, we are at a FREE movie people; we went to gymnastics – Ian loved that, Jungle Java – best $3 ever spent – he played for over 2 hours there and he was wiped out, we went to a music class – that was a really neat class but man alive, $25 per 45 minute class is a little much in my opinion – I will stick to finding the free classes for now! We had doctor’s appointments, actually cooked dinner several nights and just hung out. Like I said, we have hit our stride and we are off and running.
I had to get a mole removed that the dermatologist thought was “suspicious” and let me tell you how pissed I will be if it comes back skin cancer. I don’t have a feeling it will – thinking back to waiting to find out if I had breast cancer or not, I think I already knew it was cancer – anywho, did that and am now waiting to hear from them what the verdict is.
I started back to working out this week – I did weights THREE days this week, yes, count them, THREE days and cardio two days. With all that, one would THINK I would be able to sleep at night but I haven’t been, so I am back on the ambien (spelling?) to fall asleep at night – UGH, I hate having to take it but I hate not sleeping even more.
Things are really good here! I am loving more and more everyday staying home with Ian and seeing him learn new things and just being here for him to come hug or to kiss an awie for him. I honestly can say, this is the happiest I have been in a very long time.

A few more trip pictures:

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