Wednesday, May 13, 2009


By definition is 1) the anniversary of a birth or 2) a day marking the beginning of something. I decided a few weeks ago that my birthday this year was/is going to be my “re-birth” and the beginning of something grand and magical (well – I will tell you what it won’t be – the beginning of me knowing how to spell – I get red lines all over my page!).
30 was a tough year for me and it was nothing as I expected it to be. I honestly thought I would be pregnant again sometime in my 30th year, I thought Eric and I would be looking at new houses for our expanding family, I thought I would be in the best shape of my life (I am not sure why I thought this being as I hadn’t even started working out or eating right), I thought I would stay at my job for years to come, I thought a lot of things that just weren’t meant to be. Instead I got cancer….but from that I now can see what that brought me, new and old friends, a new outlook on life including a new career path (what that will be exactly, I am not sure but for now, a mommy is enough for me), a stronger faith and true happiness. Odd how a year – hell, even a day will change your life.
So with this new year, I am ready to embark on a journey. I am ready to take the path less taken and soar. Someone asked me the other night – would I rather have a seat belt or wings and without thinking I said wings. Then I asked her – does that mean I am dead??? No, that wasn’t the point – would you rather always be safe and secure and not be able to go anywhere or would you rather be able to fly – I would rather fly!
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