Sunday, February 1, 2009

One More Chapter…

Has come to an end! I am one step closer to being done with Bill and getting back to my normal life – although, I think my normal has changed a bit and I now want completely different things out of life than I did before I knew I had cancer. I want deeper relationships with those around me, I want to learn to be in the moment, present and aware – and let me tell you, that is much harder said than done – to shut off my brain from having gibber gabber run through it all the time, I want to be able to wake up in the morning and go pick up Ian – this is only recent that I can’t pick him up and will last another 5 days, but it is killing me – I so want to pick him up, I want to be free of the cancer thought – and I almost am!
I am recovering nicely. I am sore where they removed 2 lump nodes but not too sore elsewhere. I am still tired and feel groggy still but other than that, I am getting back up to speed. From what my Dr. told Eric, mom and Rachele, the preliminary biopsy looked clear and there was hardly any of Bill left to remove – that is right, I told him he was going to die a miserable death – I can’t imagine dieing from chemo could be fun?!?! They are going to do a more in depth look of the lump nodes, but my dr. said usually if there doesn’t seem to be anything to see on the initial round looking, there usually isn’t anything else. I will find out the results sometime this week. I have a follow up with her Thursday and need to figure out when my follow up with my oncologist will be – maybe, just maybe I won’t have to have radiation?!?!
Other than that, things are pretty boring around here. Well, Ian is a grump butt today and Eric is taking wonderful care of him because I am of no help. And Kittie is on her way over to bring some soup – which sounds yummy and I can’t wait to see her.
Happy super bowl day – well, that sounds silly – for those of you who enjoy football, I hope you enjoy watching the super bowl today.
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