Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thank you cancer.

Because of you, I have learned:
How blessed I am
How many wonderful people I have in life and how much I mean to them
How to seize every feel good moment
How to be in the moment and soak up every detail about it
How I will leave my impact on the world
How important my family and friends are to me
How many laxatives are just enough :-P
How to appreciate the taste of something wonderful
That slowing down and resting is just as important as going full force
That I truly enjoying writing – something I never knew before
Being creative is a necessity to my sanity
My spirituality has been inside me all along – all I had to do was let it shine through
Asking for help isn’t hard as I thought and it is not a sign of weakness. If fact, I think it shows strength to be able to admit it.
I don’t need “stuff” to make me happy. I need my family and friends and my attitude to make me happy.
Eric is a pillar of strength for me – well, I knew that before but this reinforces it.

I never knew getting sick would show me how healthy I was.
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