Friday, November 7, 2008


Really, really, I have never revolved my life so much around food as I have been while receiving chemo. I didn’t even have this many food issues while pregnant. I can really tell when I am starting to feel better by how much I want to eat – anything and everything. Today, I am starving and am really looking forward to lunch with some of the girls – here is to friends and food!! I do realize once chemo is over and I have to go back to watching what I eat will be a little harsh, but for the time being, I am taking my doctor’s advice and eating whatever I can whenever I can.

A few people have asked me how my two week schedule goes and it seems to be pretty consistent.
Monday – chemo day. We stop at McDonald’s for an egg mcmuffin and hash brown for me on the way to the office – don’t judge me. I realize how unhealthy it is but knowing I need some fat and calories because I won’t be eating again for a few days makes it okay in my mind. Come home after chemo and usually pass out for a few hours. Try to eat chicken broth that night sometimes with no luck. Pass out around 7:00 in the evening so Eric has to take care of bug.
Tuesday – Have to go get my shot and try to eat. This week I was able to eat chicken broth and a piece of toast 2 times throughout the day. Nap on and off and pass out around 7:30 in the evening. Again, Eric takes care of bug.
Wednesday – Looking at food is good but actually eating it isn’t good yet. Chicken broth and toast again, but a little energy starts to return which is great for me. I am able to help with Ian but go to bed around 8:00.
Thursday – Food is sounding good again and I start eating slowly. Usually carbs are the best choice for this day because they are so easy on the tummy. My energy starts to slowly come back but I can’t do too much because I do get so tired.
Friday – FOOD DAY!!! I am starving and ready to eat. Energy is still creeping back up but I am learning not to do too much or the energy won’t be up for too long.
Saturday – next Sunday – I continue to do a little better as each day passes. I can eat more at one sitting and don’t crash as hard at night. I am still in bed by 9:00 nightly no matter where I am in the schedule and need to lay down for at least an hour daily if I want to have energy when Eric and Ian get home.
So, all in all, it isn’t that bad. From what I have read, it could be a whole lot worse so I will take my food issues and tiredness any day and run with it.
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