Monday, November 3, 2008


I am not feeling so hot today. I wouldn’t say I feel bad but I sure don’t feel good. I am just exhausted and my stomach is turning – not nauseous just very uneasy. I have taken my medicine and had some chicken broth – diner of champions!
I haven’t felt like this before on a Monday. Last chemo treatment, I felt pretty good so this is kind of throwing me off a little bit.

I came home from chemo, ate a little lunch, Eric left and I slept for almost 2 hours. And now, I am watching a cooking show on KLRU, public access. I hadn’t figured out but when I can’t think of me physically eating, I really enjoy watching cooking shows. I guess in my mind if I see the beautiful food on TV I don’t miss actually eating it. Well, I am not sure that is why but I really can’t figure out what the appeal it. I do know what the appeal is, these people make cooking look SO easy and they are able to whip up these wonderful meals in 30 minutes. I want to do that!

I am planning on going to bed as soon as Ian does, so I really hoping I wake up feeling better in the morning than I do right now because I do NOT want to feel like crap all day tomorrow.
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