Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bad JuJu

At 301 Congress. I heard some awful news today, Mary, my manager, her dad passed away this morning. He had a stomach aneurysm in March and really never fully recovered. My heart goes out to her and her family in their time of need.

Another one of my co-workers’ family members is in the hospital also – I don’t feel right about going into details about who and what concerning this situation because the person I speak of is a private person.

About a month ago, my friend and co-worker Cindy lost a precious family member also.

I mean, give me a f-ing break here. How can so many bad things happen to so many good people in such a short time span? Hell, it doesn’t even matter that it is short time span, this is a lot of bad crap to deal with.

I know everyone I am speaking of is strong and they will all find a way to work through their own tragedy, just as I am finding my way with mine.

Please, keep these people in your prayers as well and whatever you do, don’t drink the water from there.
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